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Citrawan - Feb 2021

Posted 11 Feb 2021 in Citrawan

In wonderful news, Citrawan was released into the Bukit Tigapuluh Ecosystem with her good friend Femi in December 2020. After ...

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Citrawan - Oct 2020

Posted 24 Oct 2020 in Citrawan

Citrawan had made great progress at forest school in the Bukit Tigapuluh jungle up until April 2020. She was traveling ...

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Citrawan - Apr 2020

Posted 13 Apr 2020 in Citrawan

Citrawan has continued to develop her jungle skills over the last six months. Fruit ...

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Citrawan - Oct 2019

Posted 24 Oct 2019 in Citrawan

It has now been over one year since Citrawan ventured out on her first ...

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Citrawan - Updates Apr 2019

Posted 24 Apr 2019 in Updates , Citrawan

Carers say Citrawan is an invaluable member of the forest school class, and proving to be a great mentor for ...

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Citrawan - Updates Oct 2018

Posted 19 Oct 2018 in Updates , Citrawan

Little Citrawan has further developed her jungle skills over the last six months in the Bukit Tigapuluh forest. Fruit has ...

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