Workplace Giving

Save Tax and Save Orangutans

Workplace Giving - What is it?

Workplace giving programs let employees donate a set amount each pay period to their favourite charity. Because it comes directly from pre-tax pay, it gives most people immediate tax savings and means they don’t need to save receipts for their tax return.

The programs are becoming very popular with employers because it’s an easy way to support employees, boost morale and generate goodwill.


If you are an employee…

You decide how much you would like to contribute to TOP each pay period. That amount is deducted from your salary before the tax is applied so you get the tax benefit straight away.

In some cases your employer may have a company matching policy in place. This means they match your contribution to TOP - and the orangutans get twice the benefit! Ask them.

How much can you give?

Even a small contribution can make a difference (and don’t forget the difference it will make to your tax)

  • $25 a month helps provide food and care for an orangutan orphan for one month
  • $30 a month will help protect 40 hectares of rainforest through our Safeguard program
  • $60 a month will help to protect 80 hectares of rainforest
  • $125 a month pays an orangutan carer’s salary for one month

The amount you give is entirely up to you. Just be aware that in some circumstances smaller donations mean minimal changes to tax and some employers set minimum amounts to take part in programs they administer. Your payroll officer or accountant is the best person to ask.

If your company already has a Workplace Giving Program…

Download the TOP Workplace Giving Employee Registration Form below, complete the details and send it to your Payroll office. Please ask them to forward a copy of the approved form to TOP at PO Box 1414, South Perth, WA 6951.

TOP Workplace Giving Employee Registration Form TOP Workplace Giving Employee Registration Form (304 KB)

If your company doesn’t have a Workplace Giving Program…

We can help. Workplace Giving Programs are usually easy to set up and manage through any payroll system. Contact us for an information pack that you can give to the appropriate person or department at your work. No organisation is too small or too big to run a workplace giving program and most employers welcome ways to support their employees and boost goodwill so they should give you a good hearing! They may even be prepared to match your donation through the Company Donation Matching program (see below).

TOP Company Donation Matching Form TOP Company Donation Matching Form (1312 KB)


If you are an employer without an existing Workplace Giving Program...

We can help. A program is simple to establish and manage through your regular payroll system no matter how big or small your company is. We can help you set up the program that will allow staff to donate to any community organisation, including TOP, as long as the organisation concerned has Deductible Gift Recipient Status. We can also advise on Company Donation Matching and the benefits it offers. Contact us for full details.

There are no extra tax forms to complete and it doesn’t affect your employee’s gross income, superannuation or calculation of FBT. All PAYE employees are eligible.

At a time when organisations are looking for ways to keep good staff, a Workplace Giving Program is something to consider. Staff benefit by getting the tax benefit from their donation straight away so it increases their loyalty and goodwill.

If you are an employer with an existing program…

Please contact us to setup your regular Workplace Giving donations.

TOP Workplace Giving Employer Nomination Form TOP Workplace Giving Employer Nomination Form (1341 KB)