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Orang-Artan Competition for the wild child in your life! - News Aug 2020

Posted 10 Aug 2020 in News

It can be hard to colour inside the lines… but so is learning how to make a nest! 

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Celebrating World Ranger Day! - News Aug 2020

Posted 05 Aug 2020 in News

To celebrate World Ranger Day on 31 July this year, we interviewed some of the Wildlife Rangers we ...

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Gokong - Apr 2020

Posted 19 Apr 2020 in Gokong

Gokong continues to grow in size and confidence, and he has become even more ...

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Carlos - Apr 2020

Posted 15 Apr 2020 in Carlos

You may remember in August last year, the orangutans on the BOS Foundation pre-release ...

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Sam and Cupcake - Apr 2020

Posted 13 Apr 2020 in Sam & Cupcake

Sam and Cupcake are in good condition and they both started to put on ...

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Citrawan - Apr 2020

Posted 13 Apr 2020 in Citrawan

Citrawan has continued to develop her jungle skills over the last six months. Fruit ...

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Cece - Apr 2020

Posted 13 Apr 2020 in Cece

It has been eight months since Cece joined jungle school for the first time. ...

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Rahayu - Apr 2020

Posted 08 Apr 2020 in Rahayu

Rahyau has become quite the social butterfly on Besar island at International Animal Rescue’s ...

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Rocky and Rickina - Apr 2020

Posted 08 Apr 2020 in Rocky & Rickina

Despite not being the largest of orangutans, Rocky has earned the reputation on Ali ...

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Happi - Apr 2020

Posted 08 Apr 2020 in Happi

‘Happi ... Happi ... come on down!’ It is very difficult to coax Happi ...

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