Hope for Orangutans in Crisis!

We’re rescuing displaced, wounded and starving orangutans in the aftermath of catastrophic fires - but we need your help!

I Will Help

We need your help

We need people like you to help us achieve our goals.
Join us by adopting, donating and campaigning for action.

  • Adopt an Orangutan

    Each adoption helps our orangutans learn how to care for themselves and hopefully survive in the wild. For as little as $12 a month, ... Read more

  • Donate

    Donate to give orangutans in Sumatra and Borneo the best chance of survival against the threat of extinction. Support our work including critical habitat protection, orangutan care centres and rehabilitation and release programs. Read more

  • Safeguard Bornean rainforest!

    Sebangau supports the largest population of the Bornean orangutan with 6,900 individuals estimated to live here. Sebangau is considered one of the last strongholds for the Bornean orangutan and one ... Read more

How we are saving the orangutan

We lead and sponsor projects on the ground that help protect orangutans and their forest homes.

Your gift will support wildlife patrols protecting Tapanuli orangutans

All orangutans are critically endangered but the threats facing the recently discovered Tapanuli orangutan species go beyond words. With only ...


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