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Celebrating the official launch of the SRA Rescue Centre! - News Jan 2022

Posted 14 Jan 2022 in News

This week, our Sumatran Rescue Alliance (SRA) Rescue Centre was officially launched by Indonesia’s Vice Minister of Environment ...

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BORA Rescue Centre is under construction! - News Jan 2022

Posted 13 Jan 2022 in News

Thanks to the amazing support of our donors, we have been able to start construction on the new ...

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Devi - the little orangutan with a big story - News Dec 2021

Posted 17 Dec 2021 in News

Devi is small but wild. For most of her life, she lived free and wild with her mother, ...

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Sumatran orangutans enjoying freedom in the jungle - News Dec 2021

Posted 15 Dec 2021 in News

Many orangutans now live wild and free in the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem as part of the Sumatran Orangutan ...

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Announcing Orang-Artan Competition 2021 winners! - News Dec 2021

Posted 13 Dec 2021 in News

We're so proud to announce the prize winners of the 2021 Orang-Artan Competition!

We had such a fantastic ...

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Two orangutans released into protected forest - News Nov 2021

Posted 30 Nov 2021 in News

Bumi and Okto have been released!
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Pongo Environmental Awards - News Nov 2021

Posted 05 Nov 2021 in News


Our partner, the Orang Utan Republik Foundation (OURF), is hosting their eighth annual ...

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A new name and new home for four-year-old orangutan - News Oct 2021

Posted 16 Oct 2021 in News

This young orangutan was rescued in July 2021 when she was four years old. She’d been in captivity, ...

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Jungle School Joy at Open Orangutan Sanctuary - News Sep 2021

Posted 11 Sep 2021 in News

Jungle School still so important for orangutans, even during the pandemic

For the orangutans at the Open Orangutan ...

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Orang-Artan Competition Award Winners! - News Nov 2020

Posted 14 Nov 2020 in News

Orangutan Caring Week is over for 2020!🦧

For The Orangutan Project, it finished with a fantastic ceremony where ...

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