Little Harapi has been at our BORA rescue and rehabilitation centre in East Kalimantan for almost one year and is doing very well.

Harapi has a calm personality and is a patient little guy. Harapi now rarely cries as he has become much more settled in his new home and has grown in confidence even though he is still very young.

New youngsters have arrived at our BORA centre over the last year and Harapi has made new friends. He has become closest with another little young male orangutan named Arto and they have been getting up to mischief together. Another new friend is cheeky Cinta who wants to keep playing even when Harapi wants to have a much-needed nap as you can see here in this video.


Harapi loves his food and watching him eat is like watching a slow-motion scene in a movie. He is very careful when he eats and enjoys every bite. He is especially slow and engrossed when he eats his favourite food, sunflower seeds.

Harapi also loves eating young coconuts. When the baby orangutans are given young coconuts, the others will often bicker and harass each other to get the coconuts. Harapi will remain calm and cleverly choose young coconuts that the other baby orangutans don’t take. If disturbed by others, Harapi will move to an unoccupied young coconut, and so on. What a clever boy!

Harapi weighs 3.8kg and is in excellent health. His favourite babysitter is Rara and being so young he still loves having cuddles and support from his babysitters, as he would do from his mum in the wild. Harapi has developed his foraging skills and loves to eat guavas and starfruits that grow in the trees surrounding the veterinary clinic at the BORA centre. His least favourite food from his given diet is Chinese cabbage and white mustard leaves. Harapi loves his naps, and he doesn’t care about anything else except having a siesta when he gets tired!

It's wonderful to see little Harapi doing so well and finding comfort and confidence in his new friends and regular babysitters. Thank you to our adopters for helping this sweet little baby boy on his rehabilitation journey.

In the below photos Harapi is with his orangutan playmate Cinta and his favourtie babysitter Rara.

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