Precious little Harapi is the newest member of our adoption family.

Little Harapi testing out his climbing skills

He was rescued by our Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance (BORA) and the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in June 2023. When the BORA team received information about Harapi, they immediately set off to investigate. Upon arrival, they discovered that Harapi had been kept as a family pet for approximately one month. He was dressed in baby clothes and was wearing a necklace.

The team confiscated Harapi and transported him safely to our BORA rescue centre. He was given a thorough examination and estimated to be approximately 10 months old. Harapi has now been at our BORA centre for four months and is doing very well. Being so young, Harapi needs extensive care from our staff. He receives multiple milk bottles every day as well as solid food. He loves tomatoes and doesn’t like round eggplant.

Harapi has been practicing his climbing in the trees around the BORA clinic. Much to his delight, these trees include guava and star fruit and Harapi has been feasting on these. He especially loves the guava fruits. Being so young, Harapi still sleeps a lot during the day. He needs a nap after his foraging activities in the fruit trees. Harapi will cry at times if he is unsure of something as he is still so young and would be fully reliant on his mother in the wild. He has made friends with young orangutan Mabel and we are confident they will provide each other with much needed comfort and support during their rehabilitation journey at BORA.

Harapi weighs 3kg and is in good health. He has recently had some dry skin which the veterinary team have been treating.

Thank you to Harapi’s adopters for giving him a second chance after being taken from his true jungle home. We are grateful that he has been shown so much love as he begins his rehabilitation journey.

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