Battle for the Forest: Fighting Wildfires in East Kalimantan

Fires are raging in Kalimantan, and our APE Guardian team is on the frontline, battling the flames in the Labanon forest, near our BORA centre in East Kalimantan.

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Wildfires in Borneo

In 2015, devastating forest fires ravaged Borneo, leading to the infamous 'Southeast Asian Haze,' costing lives, wildlife, and the environment. 

Now, after several years of relatively peaceful times, 2023 has brought back the nightmare of intense, smoky fires to Indonesia. These fires are fueled by dry conditions and the return of El Niño, a climate phenomenon. This year, the situation is graver than ever.

These fires endanger vital ecosystems and the Critically Endangered orangutans that call these forests home. 

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September 2023 Fires in East Kalimantan

Recent satellite images reveal a harrowing truth: the fires have already consumed a larger an area larger than the fires in 2022. The flames now threaten not just the rainforest but also the lives of orangutans who rely on this habitat.

The problem usually starts when farmers burn land to make way for crops or animals. But in places like Borneo and Sumatra, these fires can easily spiral out of control, particularly when they reach the peat-rich soil. These peat fires can smoulder for months, causing severe damage.

Typically, the fire season in Indonesia runs from June to December, peaking from August to October. This year, El Niño has intensified the dry conditions, making the situation even more dangerous.

Partners on the ground: Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)

But what does all this mean for orangutans? Our partners at the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) are deeply committed to saving the rainforest and orangutans. 

They're on the frontlines, taking direct action to fight deforestation, confront illegal activities, and rescue displaced orangutans. And that involves quite literally fighting fires on the ground to protect the rightful homes of Critically Endangered orangutans’ in their care.

The recent fires near the Centre make the APE Guardian team's role even more critical. 

Fuelled by The Orangutan Project donors, they are tasked with releasing these rehabilitated orangutans into protected areas, ensuring their successful adaptation to the natural habitat. 

Your support allows us to navigate the challenging landscape of orangutan conservation in the wake of these ongoing fires.