Rahayu has completely recovered from her previous health issues, and is living in the IAR rescue centre forest. Always a solitary, independent orangutan who never sought out contact with other orangutans, Rahayu has become a little bit more sociable in the last few months.

It’s good to see Rahayu interacting more with other orangutans. This increased sociability may be, in part, due to the wet conditions in the last few months, which are never fun for anyone in the forest, and the orangutans can often be seen taking shelter together in the same tree.

Rahayu has a considerable appetite, and we are happy to see that she is supplementing the food we give her with fruit she has found herself in the forest. Like all orangutans over the last few months, she has also been enjoying the abundance of insects. Rahayu generally seems a lot more adapted to life in the forest, and is becoming much better at making nests, which is never easy for orangutans that have lost their mother at a young age.

People always comment on how beautiful Rahayu is, and her increased confidence in the forest and healthy diet seems to be serving her well. We are very pleased with Rahayu’s progress.

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