In November 2016, Gokong was temporarily moved from the large socialization cage to an isolated treatment cage, as he had come down with the flu and needed special care.  By December he had recovered fully and was moved back to the socialization cage, however with a slight change in behaviour.

Previously, he was more aggressive and dominant towards his orangutan house-mates, especially the males, however now he appears to be more passive.  

Gokong still plays energetically with the other orangutans in his group. He also enjoys using the various enrichment items and puzzles used to keep the orangutans busy. These include various puzzle feeders that stimulate them to interact with their environment and help train them to secure food in the forest when they are old enough to be reintroduced back to the wild. Gokong is definitely a clever and cheeky orangutan and will hopefully have a bright future ahead when he returns to the jungle.

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