Meki continues to flourish in forest school and is very independent. She is healthy, gaining weight and is a very active orangutan.

Figs have recently been fruiting in the Forest School area and Meki has been enjoying them in abundance. She likes to suck on leaves or play with them, not actually chew or eat them.

Meki still avoids her babysitters and often times hides from them in the bushes. At around noon, Meki always builds a nest for her day-time nap. She loves to play in muddy puddles with the younger orangutans. Meki easily befriends other orangutans, especially the younger ones.

Meki enjoys swinging on liana vines and seems to do it for most of day, until it is almost sunset and time to return to the complex at Nyaru Menteng. The babysitters often have to persuade her to go back to the complex in Nyaru Menteng by offering her milk or fruits. When the babysitters are not successful in coaxing her back to the complex, Meki spends the night in the Forest School.

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