Rocky and Rickina

Rocky’s forest skills continue to improve in the baby school group. He is getting more independent of both his carers and Rickina. Though he is still very fond of Rickina, he now prefers to play rough and tumble games with the other boys and can often be found wrestling with Noel, Anjas and Gunung.

At the end of each day, Rocky still likes to latch onto Rickina for the ride in the wheelbarrow back to their night enclosure. His climbing skills are also improving since baby school moved to the fenced forest enclosure where there are taller trees to explore and play in.

Rickina Is also making improvements since baby school moved into the large fenced forest enclosure, however, she still spends a lot of her time on the ground. To encourage her to climb more, the carers always hang her food and enrichment high in the trees or on the tall tower. However, she is a clever girl and knows that when the others in her group go up for their treats, a lot of the goodies fall to the ground and then she can eat them! As Rocky is now a lot bigger than Rickina she finds his games are getting a bit rough. She prefers the more gentle play sessions with Pelangi, Temon and Marie. We hope that Rickina will soon copy the great climbing skills of her playmates.

The first three photos show Rickina and the last two photos show Rocky. 

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