Meki is a very active and healthy orangutan, weighing in at 23kg. She greatly enjoys going to forest school and plays energetically with orangutans in all of the different forest school classes.

Meki is in Forest School Group 4. She is confident enough to play with bigger orangutans including an orangutan named Farida who is in sixth grade.

Meki often plays quite far from the supervision of her baby sitters. She goes deep into the forest with her play mates to explore the forest. She also likes to visit the smaller orangutan group and will play wrestle with them. Meki can also be a bit cheeky and steal their food.

Meki is a great climber. She is skilled at climbing high in the canopy and eating forest fruits that she finds. Meki can also build nests which she will do in the cage and also when she’s out at forest school. At night time, Meki will make a nest in her swing from leaves and branches given to the orangutans by the technicians.

Meki does not seem to like it when forest school comes to an end. When the technicians are guiding the orangutans back to their night facilities, Meki will sometimes try to sneak out of the line and stay in the forest. The technicians need to be protective of her and guide her to the play area at the centre where she can play with her friends. She will then be guided back to her cage when play time is finished.

Meki is showing many excellent traits that will make her an excellent candidate to be released in the future. 

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