Beda is now 14 years old and weighs 33.2 kg. Beda needed to be admitted to the clinic earlier in 2013 due to a wound she received during an incident with orangutans Nata and Mary.

However Beda returned to the socialisation cage soon after and all three orangutans now spend much time together and get along very well. Beda is a clever orangutan and will fiddle with the locks to try and escape from the socialisation cages.

Beda was chosen to be translocated to one of the pre-release islands called Kaja Island due to her skills in recognising natural foods, building nests and surviving in the forest. On 24 June 2013, Beda, along with nine other female orangutans, including Mary and Nata, were moved to Kaja Island. As soon as her travel crate was opened, Beda darted out immediately onto the island. Being her cheeky self, Beda then tried to unfasten the boat from its mooring on the island and the technicians had to intervene. With this opportunity gone, Beda then made her way to the feeding platform nearby and ate very well with fellow orangutan Mary.

It is very exciting that Beda now has the chance to live on Kaja Island and develop her forest skills further before being released into protected forest that has been secured

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