Bunga was transferred to the newly built centre earlier this year and loves her new home! She spends all her days in the trees during forest school and has become extremely clever at working out how to get what she wants from her keepers.

Her favourite foods are rambutans, bananas and yakult and she won’t come down from the trees for anything less! She likes to steal hair ties out of her keeper’s hair, and is a master at it. She managed to get five in one week.

Bunga is also extremely intelligent and friendly to all the other orangutans, she has loads of friends including Desi, Mac, Laskmi and Johnny. She is developing very well and showing great progress with her forest skills, she spends a lot of her time high in the trees but she is still working on her nest building skills. Bunga has great potential for release in the future once her forest skills such as nest building are fully developed.

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