Mischievous and sweet Marsha is quite a mischievous orangutan! During daily forest releases, caregivers walk along a boardwalk while the orangutans wander off high into the trees.

 But sometimes Marsha hides in the low, leafy branches right next to the boardwalk. As soon as a caregiver walks by, she vigorously shakes up the branches, giving her victim a fright! She also tries to pry into caregivers’ packs, but if she manages to steal a bag of peanuts or a water bottle, she will hand the wrappers or bottles back to her caregivers when she is done, preventing them from needing to chase the litter down in the forest.

All her pranks aside, Marsha is actually very sweet with her human caregivers. She often comes down from the trees to hold a caregiver’s hand. If her favorite caregivers get too far apart from each other, she moves back and forth between them as if urging them to get closer so she can keep track of them better. Indeed, Marsha has a leading personality, both amongst her caregivers and her orangutan peers. She remains near the hub of activity and loves wrestling with the other orangutans among the tangles of vines in the trees. Marsha is a confident, healthy orangutan, and is reaching the point at which we will soon consider her for permanent release back into the wild.

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