Ugo Blanco

Ugo has developed into a handsome male but has developed a very cheeky attitude! After graduating from a smaller socialisation cage, he is now in the largest of socialisation cages with 15 other orangutan friends.

Ugo is an extremely confident male and has learnt how to annoy the technicians that look after him by spitting on them! Although the male technicians do not work directly in contact with Ugo due to his sheer size and strength, he still gets much attention from his ‘tecnisi' friends. Ugo has however found two closer orangutan friends – Miriam and Jarot. Together the three of them hang out together and spend a lot of time feeding and eating together.

The technicians provide many natural enrichment products like coconuts, fresh leaf offered to all the orangutans each night so they can build a new nest and the technicians will often offer fruit in hard to reach places. Ugo has taken a while to build his nests in high places in his transit cage and continues to sleep on the floor. Although Ugo is learning how to use the leaf material, his nests are very sloppy and don't last long when he builds them up high, hence returning to the cage floor for a more comfortable sleep. Now that his two close friends Miriam and Jarot all are developing and learning together, the technicians are hoping Ugo will catch up and develop these skills along with his friends.

Three months ago Ugo fell from his cage whilst he was playing and wrestling up high. He split his gums open by falling down. Although this could have been a serious injury, he recovered fast.

Ugo is nearly ready to go back to the wild! He will be next in his group to be returned with his friends Miriam and Jarot. His skills have excelled and he is extremely healthy and fit showing signs of wild behaviour.

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