Feeding the orphans 5 times a day, consists of fruits and vegetables also egg, milk, or primate pellet as protein supplement. He loves all foods especially sweet potato, banana, pineapple, and milk.

Enrichment was given twice daily, different each time. Leaves were given twice a day, at noon for playing and late afternoon for nesting. He regularly goes to jungle school once a week for minimal. Now he is at Open Orangutan Sanctuary (OOS) in small socialisation cage. Very healthy and had no illness since came to OOS. Jarot is very shy and independent. His cage-mate was changed almost every week to improve his socialisation skill, but he doesn't seem make good friend with other except Veny whom he comfortable with.

While he gets frustrated or unpleasant, he will hug Veny and hold her everywhere she goes. Even he's not housed with Veny, he will put his hand through the cage and hold her. If Veny not around, he will hug other smaller orangutans even not as comfortable as with Veny. Other orangutans sometimes try to play with him, but he only want to play for a while then keep his distance. He is very happy on his own and loves to swing on the tyre rope or sit high up in the nesting basket. He loves to hugging Veny while sleep. He quietly patient and focus when trying to finish some difficult enrichment like fishing, kong, green ball, or basket fruit. Jarot not close with people at all and quite wary. He can't be pushed by the staffs, or they will trusted no more and keep his distance. He's not allowing people to hug or carry him, and only certain staffs are allowed to play with and touch him.

He is quite a good climber, but can be nervous to leaves the cage. He wasn't quite daring to go far away from cage, only played on two trees that connect with cage using tyre rope. Mostly he spent his time by swinging the cage from outside or cleaning the roof of all the leaf litter and sharing it with his friends in the cage below. He loves to try various leaves, fruits, or other forest foods. He also can make a nest even not really good. He has good ability for release but need to gain more confidence and courage in the forest as well as nest making skill.

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