Natalia is an extremely agile and graceful orangutan. Her independence is obvious as soon as she enters the forest on daily outings.

 On these trips, she prefers to lead her caregiver rather than follow him or her. She will always walk ahead while her caregiver follows closely behind. Rather than hang around and socialize with the other orangutans on the ground or in the forest canopy, Natalia prefers to race off on her own so that she can explore. She spends very little time on the ground and prefers to swing from tree to tree. Natalia is incredibly agile. When she swings through the canopy, it look effortless. When she has finally tired herself out, Natalie will build herself a nest. She is meticulous and spends time searching for the perfect place to construct her tree nest. She definitely finds joy in the treetops! When Natalia finally returns to the wild, her strong forest skills will help her thrive. Natalia weighs 26 kilos (57.2 pounds).

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