Mawar is a curious and friendly orangutan. Because of her inquisitive nature, Mawar's caregivers must close the door to the kitchen before she leaves her sleeping enclosure each morning.

If the door is left open, Mawar will raid the kitchen in search of durian, her favorite fruit. When she goes out to the forest, Mawar likes to go off exploring on her own. She spends most of her time foraging, searching for berries and termite nests to consume. When Mawar returns to her caregivers for a visit, she likes to see what things are in their pockets. If the caregivers are focused on something else, Mawar will stealthily creep up and try to rummage through their possessions.

Mawar's greatest feat of acquiring someone else's possessions occured when we had a guest wearing emerald studs visit Mawar in the forest. Mawar took the emerald earring out of the guest's ear without the guest noticing at the time that her stud was gone. Mawar's combination of adventure and curiosity have allowed her forestry skills to flourish.

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