Secure, Restore and Patrol Habitat

Illegal plantations and encroachment are a huge threat for orangutan forest, even in protected areas.  The Orangutan Project supports organisations that have reclaimed illegal plantations and chopped down thousands of oil palm trees, rubber trees and other illegal crops. These areas are then secured and restored. 

Indigenous tree seedlings are grown and cared for in nurseries and then planted at restoration sites. Seedlings are monitored and cared for after planting and weeds must be removed to allow the seedlings to grow. When restoring orangutan habitat areas, it is important to plant a range of fruit trees that the orangutans can utilise in the future. 

Wildlife Protection Patrols are also vital to protect orangutan habitat and restoration sites. The presence of Wildlife Protection Units and guard posts greatly deter illegal activities including encroachment, logging and poaching. The Orangutan Project funds many patrol teams and guard posts across Borneo and Sumatra to keep important ecosystems safe. Local people are employed in these programs and given extensive training. Providing local employment in these areas encourages and educates people about the importance of protecting the forest ecosystems. It also provides an alternative income for people who may otherwise exploit the forest to make money. 

Thank you for helping us secure, restore and patrol orangutan rainforest!

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