Meki is in excellent health and thankfully has fully recovered from malaria that she had earlier this year. She is enjoying life on Kaja Island, one of the BOS Foundation’s pre-release islands in Central Kalimantan. Every morning and afternoon, a team of technicians will arrive at the island by boat to deliver washed fruits and vegetables to the various feeding platforms on the islands for the orangutans. They also spend time observing the orangutans and ensure they are in good health.

Meki is always easy to spot at the feeding platforms when the technicians come since she loves her food and usually gathers up as much as possible. Around 10 orangutans gather at each island feeding platform and Meki is determined to get her fair share of the goodies.

Meki has sound social skills and has befriended almost every orangutan on the island. She rarely engages in conflict with others. She continues to be excellent at foraging for wild foods including fruits, leaves, flowers, and termites and is a strong candidate for future release.

It is lovely to see Meki doing so well on the pre-release island. Having the freedom to explore and forage during the COVID-19 pandemic which has greatly impacted orangutans in care centres across Indonesia has been a blessing.

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