You may remember in August last year, the orangutans on the BOS Foundation pre-release islands had to be moved back to the Nyaru Menteng centre due to the very low water levels around the islands. This included the lovely Meki. When the wet season set in at the end of 2019, the river levels returned to normal around Kaja pre-release island, which was deemed safer than Bangamat Island. Meki was soon transferred to Kaja Island along with other orangutans.

Meki enjoyed her first four months living on Kaja Island and showed some of the best progress among the orangutans residing on the pre-release island. However, this month the BOSF team found her in a weak state and observed that she was sleeping all day long in her nest. The team called on the medics to come and check on her condition, and it was decided that Meki needed to be brought in to the Nyaru Menteng clinic.

After conducting several tests, including blood tests, results showed that she had malaria. Luckily, the team had managed to quickly diagnose Meki, and she was able to receive the treatment that she desperately needed. After two weeks of close observation and care under the expert medical team, Meki regained her strength and was well on the road to recovery. Meki was returned to Kaja Island on 18 March 2020 and can continue on her journey of learning on her island home. We are very thankful that Meki has recovered and is doing well.


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