Happi is very independent during forest school outings. He is comfortable to venture off by himself to forage and climb in the canopy. His nest building has improved and the nests are stronger.

Happi has managed to evade his keepers a few times in January and February so now the keepers need to keep an even more watchful eye on him, so he doesn’t disappear from view high in the canopy. Happi has been observed trying many forest food items including various fruits, leaves and cambium however he hasn’t eaten termites for a little while.

The presence of other small orangutans at COP Borneo has distracted Happi lately. He has been coming down to the ground more often to check out what the little ones are up to and his nest building has reduced. In positive news, Happi still chooses to ignore the keepers during forest school. Hopefully, Happi will return to his usual ways soon and be fully exploring the forest again, perhaps with some of the new youngsters following his example.

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