Carlos is in good health and is an active orangutan. He is easily distracted by noises from other orangutans in the enclosures nearby.  Whenever he feels uneasy or interrupted by his noisy neighbours, he retreats to the quiet space of an enrichment barrel.

In the quarantine complex, the team provides natural foods such as rattan shoots and papaya leaves, both of which Carlos loves. He often gestures to technicians for extra helpings of his favourite foods.

Our enrichment team regularly distributes twigs and leaves to the orangutans living in the quarantine enclosure, which Carlos uses in the afternoons to build his evening nests. He usually builds a rather good nest and has no trouble making himself comfortable. Carolos will usually have a 1-2 hour nap around noon. He also uses the twigs to squat at mosquitoes.

Carlos also receives toys and puzzles for enrichment. The team often have to repair or replace the enrichment items offered in the quarantine enclosure after Carlos has been at them due to his strength and rough treatment of the items.

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