Rocky and Rickina

Rocky has had a growth spurt and now weighs over 9kg! His body condition and coat continue to improve as he grows. Rocky is still very fond of Rickina.

 They often play together and share a night cage with each other. However they are spending more time apart as he enjoys playing and wrestling with the other boys Onyo, Anjas and Gunung.  Rocky still needs lots of encouragement to climb so his food snacks and enrichment items are hung high in the trees, which does the trick.

Rickina now tips the scales at 7kg and is a very good eater. She is developing a very long and lush coat, making her even more beautiful. Rickina is very sociable with the other orangutans and is always the first to investigate any new comers to the group. She still likes to spend time with Rocky. They are getting more independent of one another, but if they are ever feeling anxious they always seek each other out for comfort.

The older and more advanced orangutans in baby school will graduate soon and move up to join forest school. This will leave Rocky & Rickina as the King and Queen of baby school!  The first two photos are of Rocky and the second two photos are of Rickina. 

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