As charming as ever! While Marwar continues to progress in independence and forest skills, she has not changed from the sweet yet somewhat devious orangutan that she has always been.

She is still gentle during interactions with humans but always is interested in what they have in their pockets. She loves to meet new people whom she readily literally embraces. Also she often comes to sit next to a caregiver, grabs the caregiver’s arm, and throws it over her own shoulder so the two can sit together almost in an embrace. This gregarious nature, coupled with her gleaming eyes, freckled face, and bright orange lush hair makes it difficult to resist Marwar’s charms.

But she still has her naughty side as well and will use her charm to advantage. Once she has convinced a caregiver that all she wants is a hug, Marwar will sneakily and nonchalantly put her hand into the caregiver’s pocket or start to unzip his or her bag! Yet for as much as she still enjoys being around people, Marwar is a proficient climber and forager and prefers spending most of her time during daily forest release by herself, building sleeping nests high up in the trees or foraging for young leaves. Marwar is very popular among the other orangutans. There is always someone trying to groom her, mooch off her food discoveries, or just sit with her. Because she likes to forage on her own, she is not always very accepting of this popularity!

If she gets impatient with her company, she makes noises of complaint or just moves away quickly through the canopy. A desire for solitude is normal for orangutans as they near adulthood. We’re confident that someday soon Marwar will flourish as a wild orangutan and maybe even start a family of her own.

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