Mindow is becoming increasingly lively and inquisitive. When he goes out to the forest each day, Mindow loves to climb, climb, climb! He still relies on the security of knowing his caregivers are nearby.

Mindow always stays within hearing distance of them. However, as long as Mindow can hear his caregivers, there is no limit to how high he will climb. A fearless guy, Mindow will climb to the tops of tall trees. Once there, he will build himself a nest. When Mindow is back on the ground, he loves to play with his friends. Although Mindow can be quite loud and rambunctious when playing with a large group, he is incredibly gentle when he is interacting with one or two friends. With the support of the OCCQ, Mindow's forestry skills have been developing rapidly. This will serve him well when his time comes to return to the wild.

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