Marsha is an adventurous, gentle, and kind orangutan. She is very independent as benefits a leader. When Marsha goes to the forest each day, she is one of the first orangutans to start climbing.

She loves to explore and will often go deep into the forest. With Marsha at the helm, many of her orangutan friends will follow as she moves through the trees. Marsha's forest skills are constantly improving. Marsha spends much time foraging and will scour trees for fruits and leaves to eat. She is becoming increasingly confident at building nests in the canopy. After she has exhausted herself exploring, Marsha will construct a day nest and relax in it for up to half an hour. Marsha's inquisitive nature continues to help her develop skills she'll need for return to the wild. She now weighs 21 kilos (46.2 pounds).

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