Partner Profile - Dalwood-Wylie Foundation

Special thanks to our Platinum Conservation Partner, Dalwood-Wylie Foundation, who have generously provided $15,000 to support our Bornean Orangutan Rescue Alliance (BORA) rescue and rehabilitation centre in East Kalimantan. 

This centre currently houses twenty-two orangutans and another two adult orangutans are on a pre-release island. This generous donation from the foundation will also contribute to the support of BORA’s rapid response rescue team, which is responsible for: 

  • Rescuing illegally held orangutans
  • Rescuing wild orangutans from fragmented forest areas or heavily degraded habitat
  • Provision of medical treatment for orangutans

This vital funding will be used for the following key tasks:

  • Cost of two orangutan rescues: $4,000
  • Medical testing for orangutans at centre: $2,500
  • Contribution towards orangutan food and enrichment: $8,500

The Dalwood-Wylie Foundation have been major supporters of The Orangutan Project since 2017, contributing vital funds to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of orangutans. We are incredibly grateful for their ongoing generosity. It's thanks to organisations such as Dalwood-Wylie Foundation that we're able to rescue so many orangutans and care for them until they are ready to be returned to the wild. 

The three orangutans pictured below are Devi, Jainul and Charlotte, all rescued last year thanks with support from Dalwood-Wylie Foundation.

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