Rocky was getting a bit too boisterous with the smaller orangutans on his previous rehabilitation island, so he has moved to Besar Island, where he now lives with Rahayu, his friend Bob, and many other orangutans.

Rocky is doing well on Besar Island. He has a lot of energy and is always on the move. Rocky has developed good foraging skills and is particularly good at finding termites and young leaves.

Rocky is starting to learn how to build a good nest from the other orangutans but he hasn’t quite got the hang of it yet and still often sleeps with other orangutans in their nests. The other orangutans are a similar size to Rocky so he has lots of boisterous playmates! He particularly likes to play with Rahayu, Bob, Noel and Beno.

Rickina has recently moved to Monyet Island because Rickina’s normal residence, Setrum Island for rehabilitation, is currently being renovated. Rickina is dominant over most of the other orangutans on Island Monyet. She has grown into a big orangutan and is quickly learning lots of new skills.

Rickina really enjoys living in the forest and likes to go roaming around the forest with her friend Onyo. Rickina's skills to survive in the forest are quickly improving; she is getting better at finding her own food and can already make a good nest to sleep in. Rickina is very active and playful. She likes to hang off trees by her feet and play with her hands and branches.

Rocky is in the top row of photos and Rickina in the bottom row. 


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