In exciting news, the very handsome 14 year-old Carlos at Nyaru Menteng, has been chosen as one of the orangutans to be relocated to a pre-release island in 2018.

After so many years in our adoption program, we are thrilled that Carlos will be able to prepare for his eventual release on a forested island where he can greatly develop his foraging and nesting skills.

Carlos is still currently in the Quarantine complex at Nyaru Menteng. He is a very laid-back orangutan and is never aggressive to his keepers. He will relax in a corner of his enclosure when the keepers do their daily clean of the Quarantine complex. If there’s a chance he may get wet by the hose then he will climb to the top of the enclosure and swing lazily, observing the keepers below.  Carlos will often interact with the orangutans in the enclosure opposite him.

Being 14, Carlos is very strong and he is well known for breaking enrichment and the equipment in his enclosure- another excellent reason to relocate him to an island playground!

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