Rahayu has completely recovered from the respiratory issues she had during the fires of 2015. However, to be sure, and to ensure that all of the orangutans are healthy, annual health checks are carried out on all individuals at the centre.

Rahayu underwent her check in August, and we are pleased to report she is completely healthy, and there are no issues that might compromise her well-being or rehabilitation.

Rahayu has always been very independent and solitary in nature. She appears to have become even more independent recently, only occasionally playing with other orangutans, and only when she feels like it. Rehayu’s interactions with the other orangutans at the centre are almost always on her terms! That said, she has a sweet nature and always seems interested and engaged in her surroundings.

Rahayu’s appetite is still considerable and she still hasn’t learnt that she has to get to the keepers quickly if she wants to get lots of food. She is very smart though and we are happy to see that she is foraging more, and spending more time in the trees, though she still spends a lot of time on the ground. This is something we will have to keep monitoring, but we are happy that Rahayu is heading in the right direction.

All of the keepers agree that Rahayu is a very beautiful orangutan!

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