Handsome Carlos now weighs in at 59.5kg and is bright and healthy. He has become more active over the last few months. He spends much of his time hanging from ropes and climbing around the cage.

Carlos is still the dominant orangutan in his group however he has started to learn to share food given by the technicians with his orangutan friends Paku, Batola and Jack.

This season at Nyaru Menteng, rambutan fruits have become the favourite fruit for the orangutans. Like most tropical fruits, rambutans are only in season once a year. Carlos always asks for more rambutans from the technicians and he will collect as many rambutans as possible.

When night comes, Carlos will fill up his swing with leaves and twigs to sleep on. He will receive an empty flour sack from the technicians to use as a blanket. Carlos always goes to bed the earliest. 

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