Meki is six years old. She is very healthy and actively plays at the playground and at Forest School. Every day, Meki enthusiastically goes to school with her orangutan friends.

As soon as Meki reaches Forest School she will play with her friends. Meki is skillful in climbing trees and making nests. Meki loves to climb big trees and make nests to rest in high in the canopy. Meki is an agile orangutan and actively swings from one tree to another by using flexible, dangling branches.

Meki is close with a wild adult orangutan, whom is named Anggi. Anggi is often seen around the forest of Forest School and Meki follows her around. When Anggi had her baby, Meki looked even happier playing with Anggi and her baby, almost like she was playing with her own sibling. It is very possible that that Meki misses her mother and viewed Anggi as a surrogate mother.

Meki is a friendly orangutan. She is happy to play with any orangutan and has never been agressive towards her orangutan friends.

Meki is rarely sick because her diet is good and she is also very active. Meki loves all of the fruits given to her by the babysitters. Meki also loves milk. Whenever she wants milk, Meki will go to her babysitter and sit near her feet.

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