Rahayu, or ‘Ayu’ as she is lovingly called for short is growing into a happy and independent young orangutan. Although she is friendly with everyone and has no enemies, Rahayu now spends a lot of time by herself, appearing to prefer her own company or whenever she can, she comes up close to her keepers to sneak in a snuggle beside them.

Rahayu loves her new home in the new centre and relishes her days spent in jungle school, climbing and swinging from the trees. She has good climbing skills but has not yet built a nest, so she still needs to develop these skills. She has no favourite food and will eat forest fruits and anything that her keepers offer her!

She is also slightly cross-eyed which may limit Rahayu’s future potential release because her keepers are unable to tell how far she can see and how well she can cope on her own. At this stage though her keepers are very impressed at how well she is climbing and how independent she is in jungle school.

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